Credit Cards for Small Businesses

For a small business keeping business expenses separate from personal expenditure is simple when you use a small business credit card. It can have great benefits including making the purchasing process easier, and it can simplify the accounts and record keeping due to the monthly statements sent by the credit card company.

Multiple Cards, One Account

Many issuers of small business credit cards will allow for multiple cards to be issued. This means a company can issue cards to the employees who need one to complete company business, while benefiting from an accurate record of all transactions that are made. Anything from hotel bills to stationary supplies can be paid for using the cards and this is a good way to keep a check on spending, expenses and budgets.

The card provider the company chooses will brand the cards and each card will be separately accountable. Each card can have an individual limit set for each member of staff who is issued with a card. A buyer may need a higher limit and a company director may need a higher limit than other staff members also and these limits can be stipulated in agreement with the card company.

The employees also benefit as they do not need to use their own money for expenses and then claim it back at a later date.


Small business credit cards do differ slightly to personal credit cards. Many of the benefits offered to personal users are also offered to the business, reward schemes where points are accumulated are popular incentives although most reflect business use as they are mainly travel related benefits like air miles or free travel insurance. The limits on business cards are normally higher than those on personal credit cards. There are some differences though, the payments are usually monthly, the interest charges are usually evaluated on unpaid balances and minimum payments are expected to be made.

Comparing Business Cards

Before applying for a card do some research into which lenders offer small business cards. Credit card companies are always on the lookout for business users, so compare what incentives they are offering and choose one that will be of benefit to the company.

Be aware of the terms of the agreement with card issuers and any fees that may be involved such as annual fees, late payment fees, grace periods, and default clauses.

Like a personal credit card look for one that has a low interest rate. It's also wise to set up an online account if available as this will give easy access to information on your account, makes payments easier and also saves on postage costs.

If you are having trouble obtaining a small business credit card it's worthwhile approaching the company who issued your personal credit card, or your bank to see if they will issue one.

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