Credit Cards For Business

Business credit cards offer one main benefit to the business owner: tracking and controlling the spending of employees. A single commercial card account can have multiple cards issued in different names, with each employee having an individually controlled spending limit.

This means that it's easier to reconcile expense accounts and general spending, and the fully itemised card statements let you see at a glance who's spending what and where.

Having employees use a credit card also cuts down on the amount of cheque signing that's needed, as well as minimising the amount of petty cash you need to keep in the office.

Commercial Banks

Most banks with a commercial division will offer business cards of some kind, and as with personal cards the range of features will vary - there's even a trend towards introducing cash back, rewards programmes, and other benefits that were once unheard of in the commercial finance arena.

Unfortunately, we have no business credit card offers at this time.

Credit Card Sense