Credit Card Articles

What Are The Consequences Of Unpaid Credit Card Debt? - A look at what could happen if you don't pay your credit card bills

Are Bad Credit Credit Cards Worthwhile? - If you're struggling to be approved for a credit card, a specifically bad credit one might seem a good option. Is it?

Prepaid Credit Cards Pros and Cons - Prepaid cards offer several advantages and a few disadvantages

What If You Can't Pay Your Credit Card Bill? - More and more people are struggling with their credit card repayments. What should you do if you can't pay?

Have You Been Refused a Credit Card? - What to do if a credit card application has been refused

Combining Balance Transfers and Rewards - Having both a balance transfer deal and a reward scheme on the same card isn't giving you the best of both worlds

The Price of Credit Cards for Bad Credit - While you CAN get a credit card with a bad credit rating, there are significant costs and limits involved

Looking Beyond the Best Buys - With credit cards harder to get, we may have to lower our sights a little

Can You Write Off Credit Card Debts? - A loophole in the law may allow your credit card balances to be written off - totally legally. How realistic is this?

A Lifetime Balance Transfer, or a Loan? - Can making use of a long term balance transfer be cheaper than a personal loan?

Instant Approval Credit Cards - You've probably seen the adverts promising instant approval for your credit card application, but are they for real?

Balance Transfers and Bank Mergers - As more and more banks merger because of the credit crisis, the impact will be felt on balance transfer options

Is Your Credit Card Leaving Money On The Table? - Instead of costing you money in interest, your card could be actually earning you cash.

Don't Fall For This Credit Card Sting - Although your card's APR may be reasonable today, you don't want to give your issuer the excuse to raise it dramatically.

Can't Get a Card, Even With Good Credit? - For some people, having a good credit rating isn't enough to be approved for a new credit card - you have to be a profitable customer, too!

Winners and Losers in the Credit Card Game - How you use your credit card has a huge impact on whether you benefit or get into trouble.

Turning a Profit from Balance Transfer Credit Cards - A balance transfer credit card can actually make you money rather than just saving in interest costs.

Credit Cards and Interest Rate Hikes - Some credit card companies have recently pushed up their interest rates for existing customers, in many cases dramatically. Why is this?

Are Credit Cards An Essential? - Credit cards have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over the last decade and a half. Are they now almost an essential part of our lives?

Easy Approval Credit Cards - The credit crunch means that some people are having more difficulty getting a credit card. How can you improve the odds in your favour?

Why Choose A 0% Purchases Card? - Credit cards with 0% on purchases can be an excellent way of borrowing if used carefully.

About Student Credit Cards - Credit card companies now offer cards specifically for students - should you apply?

The Convenience of Prepaid 'Credit' Cards - Using a prepaid card gives you all the ease of us of a normal credit card, without the risk of building up debt

About Store Credit Cards - Store cards offer a credit facility at a particular store or chain, but do they make financial sense?

0% Credit Cards : What To Look For - Many credit cards offer introductory 0% deals - what are they, and how can you benefit?

Credit Cards With Poor Credit Ratings - Having a poor credit rating will narrow your credit card options, but there are still cards available for many applicants with impaired credit histories.

Making Rewards Credit Cards Work For You - Rewards and cash back cards can give great benefits if used wisely.

Changes to Credit Card T&Cs - Many credit card users ignore the booklets they're sent detailing changes to terms and conditions - but this could be a mistake.

Lifetime Balance Transfer Deals - Lifetime balance transfers lock in a permanently low credit card rate.

Credit Cards for Small Businesses - Using a commercial credit card can help streamline small business finances.

4 Reasons to Cancel Unused Credit Cards - Many people have small collections of old credit cards sitting unused. Find out why you should cancel the accounts rather than leaving them dormant.

The Big 5 Credit Card Benefits - Credit cards can offer much more than a convenient method of payment

Common Credit Card Pitfalls - Credit cards can be incredibly useful but also dangerous for your financial health. Find out the common mistakes which can land you in trouble.

Bad Credit Credit Cards - Many people have some kind of adverse information on their credit files, but this doesn't necessarily mean they can't get a credit card.

The Triple Whammy of Cash Withdrawal Charges - Using your credit card to withdraw cash is expensive in more ways than one and should only be done in an emergency.

Consumer Protection with Credit Cards - Paying by credit card can give you valuable extra consumer protection when buying online or by telephone.

Credit Card Basics : Minimum Repayments - Many people opt to pay their monthly credit card bill by direct debit. This is certainly convenient, but is hugely expensive in the long run if you only make the minimum payment required.

Charity Credit Cards : Donate As You Spend - Charity cards offer an easy way to donate to your favourite charity at no cost to you - so everyone wins.

Credit Card Basics : Balance Transfers - An introduction to credit card balance transfers, one of the most popular types of deal available.

Why Balance Transfers and Cash Back Don't Mix - When used properly, cash back and balance transfers are both valuable benefits for credit card customers. However, they shouldn't both be used on the same card.

About Platinum And Gold Cards - What do Platinum and Gold credit cards offer beyond the kudos and status?

Low Interest Rate Credit Cards - A typical low interest credit card won't have many bells and whistles, but it will do one thing very well: saving you money.

Profiting from Cash Back Credit Cards - Credit cards with a cash back facility offer you the chance to actually earn money from using your credit card.

Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers - Should you respond to 'pre-approved' credit card offers you recive through the mail, or just ignore them?

Are Rewards Credit Cards Worth It? - The idea of earning rewards for credit card spending is certainly attractive, but is it worth it overall?

Tips For Avoiding Credit Card Fraud - Credit card fraud is on the rise - but there are simple ways to help prevent it from happening to you.

Finding The Right Credit Card - With so many different credit card offers available, it pays to take a minute to think about what you want from a card before jumping in and applying

Why Use a 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card? - 0% balance transfer offers are still one of the most popular features on today's credit card market. How can you benefit?

What Does Your Credit Card Really Cost? - Although you may know your credit card's basic standard APR, there are many other ways that issuers prise money away from you.

Credit Cards and Credit Ratings - What do the different levels of credit rating mean when applying for a credit card?

Getting the Best out of Balance Transfers - Although the days of the fee-free balance transfer may be gone forever, you can still use the facility to your advantage.

Will Credit Card APRs Rise? - Current global economic conditions mean that banks are losing money, big time. Guess who's going to foot the bill?

Why Apply For A New Credit Card? - Although most of us now carry at least one credit card, it's still worth looking for a better deal.

The True Costs Of Late Payments - Making a late payment on your credit card account will cost you more than just the penalty fee charged by the card issuer.

Credit Cards : Staying Out Of Trouble - Credit cards have dangers if abused, but following a few simple rules will keep you out of trouble.

Getting The Best From Rewards Cards - Are you using your rewards credit card to its best potential? Read tips on how to earn more points more quickly.

Checking Your Card Statements - Do you ignore your card statement each month when it arrives? That could be a costly mistake...

Leave Your Charity Card In Your Wallet - Although charity cards are a popular way of donating, a cash back credit card might give better results for your money.

Credit Card Cheques - Although touted as a convenience, many consider credit card cheques to be an expensive rip off.

Credit Card Alternatives - Do you really need a credit card, or would an alternative option be a better choice?

A Credit Card History - Credit cards have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. How did the first cards evolve into what we have today?

Balance Transfer Offers Explained - A look at what balance transfer details entail, and how to make the best of them.

Flat Rate Credit Cards - As credit card offerings become increasingly complicated, a new breed of no-nonsense card is emerging that charges one low rate for all kinds of borrowing.

Why Choose A Cashback Card? - Cashback credit cards are becoming increasingly popular, which isn't a surprise as they offer very real benefits if used wisely.

Times Not To Use Your Credit Card - Credit cards are undeniably useful, but using them in certain situations should be avoided.

Use Care When Applying Online - Although it's now easy to apply for a whole range of credit cards online, there are good reasons to exercise caution.

Credit Cards & Minimum Repayments - Only ever making the minimum repayment on your credit card will ensure your debt remains for years.

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